1. He is the BEST dentist ever

    I first met Dr. Bussa and I had quite a few dental procedures performed by the doctor and can truly admit that he is the BEST dentist ever. You are legitimately not in pain while being treated, which is so critical when you are visiting a dentist. He makes sure he explains all the procedures he is about to perform and jokes around to make it a lighter experience. All of my experiences have been gr…Read More

    Ala B.
  2. Professional dental care

    Dr. Bussa thank you for your wonderful and professional dental care. Every time I am getting work done you make it a very enjoyable experience and take the time to answer any questions I might have. I would highly recommend you to any friends and family who are looking for a very knowledgeable dentist!…Read More

    Michael S.
  3. I am in good hands

    I have known Dr. Bussa since I was 5 or 6 years old. During all of the years that I have been Dr. Bussa's patient, I have received an excellent service. My dental needs are complicated ones, but Dr. Bussa made it easy for me to even think about them. His incredible knowledge and skills helped me to overcome fear and stress normally associated with dental procedures. I know I am in good hands, I fe…Read More

    Alla K.
  4. Sense of humor and calm demeanor

    I’ve had a fear of dentists ever since I was a child. I had a very bad experience when I was 10 and since then could not visit a dentist without an anxiety attack. I used to skip my cleanings and would completely avoid dental appointments. That all changed when I met Dr. Bussa—he is one of the most caring and sweetest people I have ever met. He is very knowledgeable in his field and he makes s…Read More

    Ada E.
  5. Sometimes it’s Karma, sometimes it’s luck …

    I was randomly assigned a dentist I soon came to know as Dr. Bussa. Sometimes it's Karma, sometimes it's luck. I would say that I got lucky with the random appointment and the dentist who would become my dentist. Among the things that make Dr. Bussa a terrific dentist is that he is so aware of modern dental procedures. Throughout several dental situations, I am always impressed with how quickly an…Read More

    Keith R.
  6. Excellent work

    I am a 45 yr. old man from Plymouth, MN, who had not been to the dentist in many years. I was nervous going back to a dentist after so much time and with a number of issues that needed work. I was recommended Jain Dental by a friend. After my first visit I immediately felt better about my upcoming dental work. Dr. Bussa made me feel comfortable, and not embarrassed about my poor dental habits. Dr.…Read More

    Clay E.