Sometimes it’s Karma, sometimes it’s luck …

I was randomly assigned a dentist I soon came to know as Dr. Bussa. Sometimes it’s Karma, sometimes it’s luck. I would say that I got lucky with the random appointment and the dentist who would become my dentist.

Among the things that make Dr. Bussa a terrific dentist is that he is so aware of modern dental procedures. Throughout several dental situations, I am always impressed with how quickly and painlessly things happen. He is astute in not only what you should do, but also how it should be done. He is cautious with patients’ insurance and the eventual cost of the procedures. Every situation that I have had with him had turned out better than I expected both dentally and cosmetically.

The best thing about Dr. Bussa is his “chairside” manner. He is witty and funny. His repartee with the staff makes for a comfortable visit; all the while, he is doing top-notch dental work. He is an intelligent man who understands what it takes to make patients not only comfortable but also engages them as people.

Dr. Bussa is the kind of dentist that you can trust, you can feel comfortable with his professional and respectful attitude, and you might just leave smiling after your visit! I recommend him completely.

Keith R.