Sense of humor and calm demeanor

I’ve had a fear of dentists ever since I was a child. I had a very bad experience when I was 10 and since then could not visit a dentist without an anxiety attack. I used to skip my cleanings and would completely avoid dental appointments. That all changed when I met Dr. Bussa—he is one of the most caring and sweetest people I have ever met. He is very knowledgeable in his field and he makes sure that his patients are at ease in his chair. His sense of humor and calm demeanor make the dental experience completely different than anything I have experienced before. I recently had to have 2 fillings done at the same time. I was dreading that day but when I sat in Dr. Bussa’s chair he assured me that everything will be OK and guided me through the process step-by-step so I knew exactly what’s happening. He even managed to use anesthesia almost painlessly! I am so impressed with Dr. Bussa’s work that I have recommended him to my husband and all of my friends and relatives. I would highly recommend Dr. Bussa to anyone who is looking for a caring, qualified and knowledgeable dentist!

Ada E.