Dr. Jelena Simic completed her primary dental education at the University of Belgrade in Serbia where she practiced dentistry for years before moving to the United States to complete her doctoral degree in dental surgery (DDS) from the University of Minnesota.

Dr. Simic enjoys continuing education where she can learn new protocols and techniques to further her clinical skills. She has completed the prestigious Postgraduate Program in Esthetic Dentistry at The University of Minnesota Dental School. She has also received extensive training in the treatment and diagnosis of Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorders through her completion of a mini-residency in head and neck pain.

Her interests are focused on preventive dental dental care, operative dentistry of children and adults, esthetic “full smile makeovers” and making sure that each of her patients receives the best care and attention to detail that she can.

Dr. Simic has also completed advanced training in facial esthetics and rejuvenation utilizing Botox and dermal fillers to treat not only disorders caused by clenching and grinding, but also to help with the reduction in appearance of wrinkles.

She is passionate about patient care, focusing on patient’s needs and desires for individualized oral health improvements and esthetic desires.
Besides dentistry, Dr. Simic likes digital photography, cooking and spending time with her two children ,Nikola and Mia, as well as friends and family.

If you have any dental needs or oral health concerns, Dr. Simic will be more than happy to see you at our practice.